Marion Chesney’s “Finessing Clarissa” 1

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Clarissa Vevian is the fourth girl to seek help from Amy and Effy Tribble. Clarissa is all politeness, ease and manners, she statuesque with beautiful flame colored hair. She just has one major flaw, she is clumsy, dangerously clumsy. Along the way to going to the Tribbles, Clarissa finds herself accidently in the middle of a plot to destroy the throne of England. What are the Tribbles to do? Its a good thing the Earl of Greystone appears to like Clarissa and values her as a friend. The Tribbles see a possible love match, and are determined that Clarissa will be the success of the season.

This fourth installment of the series is my favorite. I love Clarissa, she’s a splendid heroine, very genuine and a little silly. Her sweet personality fits nicely with the practical and handsome Greystone. There is also a new character in this book. Mr Haddon introduces his friend Mr Randolph into the mix of zaney and fun characters that make up this delightful series.

Another School for Manners winner! “Finessing Clarissa” is a great continuation of the series.

5 out of 5 Whatszits.

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