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J.M. Madden’s “Embattled Hearts” 5

John Palmer returned from Iraq a wounded soldier, a man who didn’t know what to do with his life once he was bound to a wheelchair. Given a chance to continue to use skills honed in the Marines, he works with friends at Lost ‘N’ Found Investigative Services, helping protect and rescue others. But his gruff exterior is compromised when he sees Shannon Murphy, the office manager for the firm. Her kindness, and lack of pity for his physical limitations, as well as her beauty challenges him to imagine Read more […]


Jim Butcher "I Have a Deadline" shirt

Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher rocks. Read his books. Jim Butcher is the author of three distinct series, “The Dresden Files,” “The Codex Alera,” and upcoming “The Cinder Spires.” He has also been featured in short story compilations such as “My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding,” “Blood Lite,” and “Naked City.” Mixing humor, different mythologies, and well developed characters in fantastic situations, Jim has created memorable stories that entertain and draw a reader in. His most well-known protagonist is Harry Read more […]