Kresley Cole’s “MacRieve”

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MacRieve Book Cover MacRieve
Immortals After Dark
Kresley Cole
Paranormal Romance
Pocket Books
November 26, 2013
Mass Market Paperback

A hot Lykae (read wolf-shapeshifter) with the name Uilleam MacRieve, one of two brothers nicknamed “Hot and Hotter” finds his destined mate is an unlikely female: the daughter of the mortal man who imprisoned him and tortured him. The set up is classic head-to-head conflict, for how can he give his heart to the woman who was born of his most hated foe? She sets his blood on fire, and to further complicate matters, she is mortal and he is immortal. And they both have secrets they’d rather be tortured than give away…

Chloe Todd is not just the daughter of the Lore’s most hated human, but on the precipice of change. As she was working toward Olympic Soccer stardom, her life was turned upside down when her father abandoned her, leaving her in possession of a strange book that told her of the Loreans, twisted immortal beings that had to be destroyed. Kidnapped and sold at an auction, she is abducted from there by a huge Scottish hottie who claims she is his fated mate. He swears he’ll protect her from the other creatures who want to kill her or use her as bait for her father. He’ll even put aside the fact that his in-law would be the man he wants to kill.

Until he finds out her burgeoning secret. The one that made her father abandon her, and that will make him try to forsake the mate he is destined to have.

I really didn’t want to start the review with massive spoilers, because I am such a spiller, and wanted to see if others might enjoy the premise. But my biggest issue, aside from the “You’re REALLY the immortal I hate the most,”  is the fundamental issue with MacRieve at the very start of the book. And it is a very sensitive issue, and involved a lot of internal wrestling to see if I would even continue with the book.

MacRieve is abused by a sucubus, starting at the age of nine. Yep. Nine. Now, I’ve read books with broken, damaged heroes, and sometimes found excellent stories within the pages of books I might not have expected, but it is very hard to get around the fact that MacRieve  has been abused by a child predator, even if it is a supernatural one. That’s a taste that really doesn’t set up a romance for me. I get that the abuse, the fallout when it was discovered, etc all set in motion Uilleam’s life and his “damage”(and Cole does damaged men very well), but crap. Really? NINE?

So, you guessed it, Chloe is a …(wait for it)… Sucubus. Or part-sucubus. And they have to work through their issues. It’s a Paranormal Romance, so you know you’ve got your HEA, but frankly with the beginning, it was hard to appreciate it. It wasn’t Cole’s strongest effort in her Immortals After Dark series. The soccer terminology became grating, and the lingering memory of MacRieve’s abuse…

Hell, I need to go hug my kids.

2 out of 5 Whatzits. Plot was weaker than previous books, disturbing premise at the start. Characters flat. But, damaged or not, it’s got a Scottish shifters. Not the same caliber as “Hunger Like No Other” also by Kresley Cole, so the premise of conflict because they represent hated opposites doesn’t resonate.


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