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Kylie Scott
Contemporary Romance

Kylie Scott's Lick
“Everything I’d heard about Vegas was true. Bad things happened there, terrible things.”

Evelyn Thomas wakes up after a tequila-laden 21st birthday celebration in Vegas next to the most amazing specimen of man she ever recalls seeing. Strange thing is, that although he seems familiar, he’s way out of her league. What’s more, she can’t recall a thing about the night before, or how she got into his room. Or the five-carat diamond she has on her finger, until the gorgeous man informs her that they got hitched. And David Farris is incredibly pissed that she doesn’t remember.

Since it was obviously rushed, when he suggests a quickie divorce, she leaps at the chance to get her life back to normal. Because normal is what Ev wants. She has a life mapped out which includes becoming a successful architect, not a groupie for a band. She is a responsible daughter, with college to finish and she even an internship planned. Her parents are so proud of her and will surely understand her tiny, fixable error. She has a whole life ahead of her planned out carefully, until she is blindsided when the the media circus that unfolds when you marry a rock star envelopes her. Even when you didn’t realize he was the insanely popular lead guitarist for the rock band Stage Dive. Suddenly the whole world knows about the private tattoo she got on her wedding night and the pictures are up there for the world to see. Like her parents, coworkers and future employers. The fallout is mind boggling.

Hounded by the media, internship cancelled, parents in absolute shock, it’s a godsend when David sends someone to get her out of the paparazzi’s eyes. That way she isn’t exposed to the media fallout, and they can finalize the divorce quietly and quickly. Discretely.

But when she arrives at the band’s house in L.A. she finds her husband sinfully gorgeous, but unwilling to talk about their night in Vegas at all. And to make matters worse, beautiful groupies hang all over David, making her jealous, and then he accuses her of sexing it up with his brother. Then to make matters even worse, David’s lawyers treat her like a gold-digger, condescendingly throwing money her way so she will just go away.

Angry, hurt and fed up, she leaves, and when he follows, they hide away from the press together, slowly getting to know each other. Pieces of the night they shared float in and out, and just as they seem like they might be able to salvage something of what they had that amazing forgotten night, David’s past rears its head, and their romance come crashing down like a house of cards. Can the feelings they started to build on carry them through the crisis? Or is loving a rock star just not in the cards? How can an ordinary girl compete with the groupies, much less the girl that broke the rock idol’s heart?

5 out of 5 Whatzits.
“Lick” is a fantastic, fun read! Better than a billionaire playboy, the hero, David, is a rock star! Woohoo! Hot, tatted up, guitar-strumming, and a delicious warm core at the center of all the candy-coated yumminess! Sure, he starts out kind of an ass, but wouldn’t you if the woman you married forgot about your amazing connection and your wedding? And Ev is a wonderful everywoman, not easily pushed around,but vulnerable in the situation. I cheered for the moments when she gave right back when the going got tough! Fun, sexy, and boy, how the hell do you recover from that kick-in-the-teeth black moment? Read it and seeeeee!


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