Marie Hall’s “Her Mad Hatter”

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HerMadHatterAlice Hu owns and works at the Hatter’s Cupcakery and Tea Shoppe, reveling in her fascination with Wonderland and the start of a new business venture in Waikiki, Hawaii. But on the heels of her fantastic first day, she takes the card with a white rabbit that a strange customer gives her, and follows the instructions written on it: Rub Me.

She barrels into Wonderland, at the feet of the Mad Hatter, a deliciously handsome and off-his-rocker denizen of Wonderland. Or is he more than that? Because Alice seems to have some memory of him, some connection that she can’t completely accept. Then the strange customer, actually a Fairy Godmother, reappears and tells her she is the latest in a long string of “Alice’s” all paraded before the Hatter in the hopes of their being his perfect mate, the actual Alice to save him from his madness and save Wonderland.

But the delectable Hatter has had enough. He declines to have his heart broken by another Alice, even one as tempting as this Alice, who looks at him with recognition, and seems too good to be true.

“Her Mad Hatter” is a fun read, fast and silly. The characters are not as fleshed out as in Marie Hall’s other work, but it is a promising beginning to her Kingdom series. The Hatter, a flawed and mysterious man with destiny of Wonderland in his hands, is repeatedly described as hot, and yummy, but it’s somewhat hard to understand Alice’s desire to chase after a man that is so hot and cold. The very madness and mercurial nature of the character makes him very high maintenance, and makes you wonder about Alice’s common sense. The relationship would appear to be very dysfunctional, but their connection makes for a delightful interlude for anyone who has seen Johhny Depp’s Hatter and wanted to screw the pants off of him (Yes, I’ll admit to that).

3.5 out of 5 Whatzits

If you like this, try Marie Hall’s “Gerard’s Beauty,” or Katie MacAlister’s “Ain’t Myth-behaving.”


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