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Charity Bradford Interview – Fade Into Me

LoveAndBooks.com interview with Charity Bradford, part 2 November is National Novel Writing Month.  LoveAndBooks.com is getting into the spirit by highlighting budding authors. Charity Bradford is one of our featured authors of the month.  She is working on her third novel, “Fade Into Me.”  She has a Kickstarter project going, to try to raise the money to publish it. In our first interview with Bradford, she told us a bit about herself. In this second of four interviews with her, Read more […]

Fade into Me


Charity Bradford’s “Stellar Cloud”

A review of Charity Bradford’s “Stellar Cloud”   This book is a little jarring. It took me a while to figure out how to describe it. I clearly enjoyed Stellar Cloud, (4 Whatzits after all). But it’s jarring. There are a lot of cliff-hangers in this collection. Because of the lack of resolution in many of them, and their length being a little on the short side, your brain wants to make sense of them all—as though they represent some sort of timeline or multiple perspectives at the same Read more […]