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Interview with Charity Bradford, part 4

November is National Novel Writing Month. is getting into the spirit by highlighting budding authors.

Charity Bradford is one of our featured authors of the month.  She is trying to crowdfund publication of her third novel, “Fade Into Me,” with a Kickstarter project.

In our first three interviews with her, she told us about herself, told us about her book, “Fade into Me,” and discussed her views on writing.

In this final interview with her, she tells us about what her Kickstarter experience has been like.


The Kickstarter Experience

Charity Bradford

Charity Bradford, one of’s featured authors for November


L&B: Have you ever used Kickstarter before? 

CB: This is the first time I’ve ever tried Kickstarter. It’s been an interesting experience to say the least. I hope I’m learning something from it.


L&B: How did you decide to try Kickstarter for this project?

CB: I think my decision to try Kickstarter was more out of desperation than anything else. My family is slowly becoming more supportive of my writing, but when it comes to including the cost of publishing in the tight budget, all bets are off. I could very easily edit this myself and get it formatted and released through Createspace. All of that would be free. However, I’ve already put so much into this novel that it deserves a little extra care. A professional editor and typesetter will make a difference in how the reader experiences the book. I want it to look, feel and read as good as, if not better, than any book you can get at the local bookstore.

I chose Kickstarter as opposed to other fundraising sites simply because it’s the one I knew about. It was easy to get set up since I already had an Amazon account.


L&B: Has it been what you expected?

CB: Yes and no. I knew getting the word out about the project and “begging” for money would be all up to me. And it does feel like begging. Before I launched, I tried to tell myself I’d be okay with that, but in truth it makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps that’s why all my tweets and facebook posts simply ask people to “pre-order” the book by making a $12 pledge. That makes me feel a bit better. If they pledge more, great! I understand that it’s tough for people all over, so each pledge makes my heart swell.

I didn’t expect the daily emails from people wanting to help me get backers–at a price. Good grief! If I had $250 to buy backers, I wouldn’t need those backers. I also think I expected it to go quickly based on sales of my first book. Surely those readers would want to grab this book, right?

I also think I over thought a lot of things. Like how much do I really need? I included the cost of the books I thought I’d be giving away, plus all the little marketing things I’d need to for the launch. Now I’m wishing I’d just asked for the cost of editing and typesetting. You can’t change anything like that after you launch.


L&B: Would you recommend other authors to fund their book this way?

CB: I think it could be successful if an author already has a solid fan base that would pre-order their books. Or if their fans just love them so much they would do anything to get the next book out as fast as possible. After launching, I heard about street teams. I don’t have one, but authors that do might have better success.


L&B: Any tips on how to run a successful campaign in Kickstarter?

CB: Look at LOTS of other Kickstarter projects. Make your plan of what you think you need to earn. Then ask yourself, what do I REALLY need? In the end, it would have been better for me to raise the $600 I currently have than to lose it because I asked for every cost to be covered. Make sense?


Fade into Me

Fade into Me, Charity Bradford’s latest novel.


Read more about Charity Bradford, her new book (just in time for National Novel Writing Month), and her Kickstarter project in our next interview.


To learn more about Charity Bradford’s latest project, check out her Kickstarter page at


Charity Bradford also has a blog:

You can read the first chapters of her books at her website,

She also has an Amazon Author Page,


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