Charity Bradford’s The Magic Wakes

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The Magic Wakes
Charity Bradford
Science Fiction Fantasy

An Interesting Mix of Genres

In “The Magic Wakes,” Charity Bradford takes the reader on a ride using various elements of science fiction and fantasy, which turns out to be a very interesting and rare combination. When you mix dragons and magic with spaceships and futuristic technology — old world versus new world — it’s a leap of imagination.

Talia Zaryn, a scientist on her home world, Sendek, has had troubling nightmares for years: an alien invasion that culminates with her death during the attack. Transferred to the city of her desperate visions, she is certain that her fate is inescapable. Building a satellite, she tries to save the lives of others from her visions of the Dragumon invasion, even as she is sure she cannot save her own. Major Landry Sutton is looking for a traitor, and his special abilities make him focus on Talia. When they meet, sparks fly and their antagonism leads to desire. But the invasion is real, and the threat to their world is terrifyingly concrete. Can they harness their abilities to help save their world from annihilation by the Dragumon?

The novel begins slowly, building up the story and introducing the main characters, Talia and Landry. Their romance is promising, one that normally develops as a result of the circumstances they are thrown into. Although it has strong elements of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, the author focuses on Talia and Landry’s romance, making it more of a Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Romance, rather than pure Science Fiction.

The overall plot and storyline had me engaged because I do enjoy both science fiction and fantasy. The story is original, and the relationship between the two characters will appeal to readers who like some romance. I enjoyed when Talia’s magic is finally revealed, and how she wields it to change the course of her destiny. I also thought the author did a good job of wrapping up the ending.

3 Whatzits

I give “The Magic Wakes” a rating of 3 Whatzits because of the original storyline but felt it could have been developed better in certain parts of the novel. The story alternates between being fast-paced and fluid, and somewhat rushed. I thought the author could have spent more time in developing some of the scenes. For example, some scenes in the book could have included more description because it would have really enhanced the story. Some of Talia’s dreams and nightmares were lacking detail. I find descriptive adventure scenes really help me get into the story and enhance my experience as a reader.

The author does a good job of describing the world of Sendek and Joharadin so that as an avid reader of Sci-Fi, I was instantly transported into these worlds. Great World building.

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