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Welcome to our Author Pages!

Here is where you can read some biographical information about different authors, as well as a bibliography for each. Just when you want to devour something else that author penned, you now have the resource to point you in the right direction.

Each book that has been thoughtfully reviewed by will have a link to the review. That way you can take the opinion of a trusted reviewer before you leap, or “fuggedaboutit.” It’s your choice! What you read is always up to you, but we are vocal about what floats our respective boats here. Or what drives us up the wall!

We’ll also recommend similar authors, books or media, and you are always welcome to chime in!


You yourselves are welcome to provide us with your biography, a link to your page (homepage only, no subpages, please!), and any pertinent information for fans. We want others who are curious about your work, or already fans, to find you and continue on more journeys with you!

We look forward to making the connection between readers and authors, and helping you find out more about the amazing people who write your dreams into action!

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