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I write for pleasure. I read for sanity. I have lots of opinions, and I'll share them with you... but only if I like you.

Madeline L’Engle’s (BANNED!) “A Wrinkle in Time”

Meg Murry can’t do anything right. She’s always getting in fights at school—people keep making snide remarks about her father’s disappearance—and no matter what she says or does, things are always her fault. Add to that glasses, braces, and frizzy hair, and you have what she considers a walking disaster cocktail. Her one solace in life is her baby brother, Charles Wallace, who always seems to Know just what to do or say to make her feel better—that is, until the violently stormy night Read more […]


Podkayne of Mars

Robert A. Heinlein’s Podkayne of Mars 8

Podkayne Fries, age 8 1/2 (about 17 Terran years), grew up on Mars and loves every inch of it. It’s the only civilized place to live. In fact, she’s not even sure that old story about humanity being from Earth isn’t more than a fairy tale– that ancient planet is SO inhospitable to humans with its full 1G of gravity. Still, she really wants to see Earth– one would have to if one were going to be a daring and famous captain of a starship, wouldn’t one? When the opportunity arises for her and her Read more […]

Test 3


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