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Charity Bradford’s “Stellar Cloud”

A review of Charity Bradford’s “Stellar Cloud”   This book is a little jarring. It took me a while to figure out how to describe it. I clearly enjoyed Stellar Cloud, (4 Whatzits after all). But it’s jarring. There are a lot of cliff-hangers in this collection. Because of the lack of resolution in many of them, and their length being a little on the short side, your brain wants to make sense of them all—as though they represent some sort of timeline or multiple perspectives at the same Read more […]



Charity Bradford’s The Magic Wakes

An Interesting Mix of Genres In “The Magic Wakes,” Charity Bradford takes the reader on a ride using various elements of science fiction and fantasy, which turns out to be a very interesting and rare combination. When you mix dragons and magic with spaceships and futuristic technology — old world versus new world — it’s a leap of imagination. Talia Zaryn, a scientist on her home world, Sendek, has had troubling nightmares for years: an alien invasion that culminates with her death during Read more […]

An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride (M/M) 8

Pasha cannot remember ever being anything but a slave, probably because his current owner wiped his mind on purchase. Still, things aren’t so bad: his reptilian master has more of a taste for his cooking than for sex. Of course, U’shma also has a taste for gambling, which he has Pasha fund by pimping out him out at the local dive bar. Those days are less than pleasant… until the day Pasha spots a man across the bar. He looks like a pirate, complete with eye patch, and from somewhere deep inside, Read more […]

an uncommon whore