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Lila DiPasqua

Lila DiPasqua is a bestselling author of scorching historical romance novels. Her Fiery Tales series retells Fairy Tales in Charles Perrault’s time, with sensual detail to place and manners of the time. With re-imaginings of the “Emperor’s New Clothes,” “Puss in Boots,” and more, she raises the bar for retellings, by adding detail and heat, as she immerses her readers in the decadent world of Louis XIV. She started reading romance in her teens, devouring “Sweet Savage Love” by Rosemary Rogers, Read more […]

Lila DiPasqua 2

Four Play

Shayla Black and Maya Banks’ “Four Play”

“Four Play” is a two-novella anthology, with “Pillow Talk” by Maya Banks and “Her Fantasy Men” by Shayla Black. In “Pillow Talk,” Zoe and Chase have a hell of a hot relationship. They click, they know each other’s bodies and they know just what to do to turn each other on. But Chase is sure that Zoe has some kinky fantasies she hasn’t shared, and to prompt her response, he tells her one of his own. And so the game begins, as she makes his voyeuristic fantasy of her stripping for Read more […]

Madeline Pryce’s “Claiming Ecstasy”

My first jump into Ellora’s Cave “Quickies,” but I should have expected the Wham! Bam! I may be jaded, but there it was, right in my face, in the first sentence of the story. You know. The thrusting and that four-letter-word that rhymes with “sock.” And slattern that I am, I read on. Nicolas Larkin, a cruel, elegant man is wringing both pleasure and pain from Jolie Dupree, his affianced bride, on the eve of their wedding. And that’s the way she likes it, much to her dismay. She Read more […]


Fly You to the Moon

Jocelyn Han’s “Fly You To the Moon.” 2

Amazing cover. Hot couple, shirtless. Lunar background. I’m all set for a steamy romance in outer space. Bring it “Fly You To the Moon!” It’s 2196 and Ava Windsor arrives on Luna Six, a colony on Earth’s Moon where the Elite, or rich and pampered citizens of post-Apocalyptic Earth, have settled. After tremendous climatic disturbances and devastation of Earth, many Elite emigrated to the moon where they could live without rubbing elbows with the poor servant class. But Ava is different, Read more […]

Lorelei James’ “Turn and Burn: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel” 1

The tall, dark hunky cowboy sidling up to Tanna hears all her B.S. to scare off her would-be Romeos, and even the bandage across her forehead doesn’t scare him. He doesn’t believe for a second that she is a recently released prison inmate, or a roller derby player. Or worse. And that, aside from his devastating looks – a delicious mix of Native American and Caucasian – and sultry, sexy attitude make him the best thing to come her way in a long time. Tanna Barker is a three-time World Champion Barrel Read more […]


an uncommon whore

An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride (M/M) 8

Pasha cannot remember ever being anything but a slave, probably because his current owner wiped his mind on purchase. Still, things aren’t so bad: his reptilian master has more of a taste for his cooking than for sex. Of course, U’shma also has a taste for gambling, which he has Pasha fund by pimping out him out at the local dive bar. Those days are less than pleasant… until the day Pasha spots a man across the bar. He looks like a pirate, complete with eye patch, and from somewhere deep inside, Read more […]

Lorelei James’ “Long Hard Ride” 2

Channing Kincaid is tired of living a life of expectations set by her rich family. Fleeing her Ivy League education and a life perfectly planned by her parents, including a buttoned-up potential fiancé, she decides to have an adventure. To really live life she runs away with the rodeo. Seeking new sensations she hooks up with Jared, a rider on the Rodeo Circuit, only to find out that he’s been keeping a wife secret all along. Mad as hell, she leaves him with a concussion and heads out on her own. Read more […]