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Kate Alcott’s The Dressmaker 1

From a sinking ship Tess becomes a rising star First off, The Dressmaker isn’t much of a romance novel. I feel like Amazon lied a little bit to me about this book. But I’m glad it did because, once I accepted that the leading men weren’t that big a presence, I really enjoyed the book. Tess is a seamstress in England who is being treated like a lowly servant. One day she just snaps and walks out. There’s a big ship leaving for America and she’s determined to talk her way onto it. Read more […]

The Dressmaker


Paula McLain’s “The Paris Wife” 1

Paula McLain’s ‘The Paris Wife’ is a marvelously written account of Ernest Hemingways’ first marriage to Hadley Richardson. It’s mainly set in Paris during the 1920s when Ernest Hemingway was just in his early 20s, and before he became famous for his writing. I was fascinated by their whirlwind romance and the life they led in Paris as Hemingway struggled to find himself and find a place among other great writers of his time. I’m a huge Ernest Hemingway fan so I really enjoyed this book. Although Read more […]