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Jessica Leake’s “Arcana.”

Jessica Leake’s “Arcana.” Katherine “Wren” Sinclair is a young noblewoman in Edwardian England, with a talent inherited from her Sylvan mother. That means that coupled with her half-human ancestry, she is able to channel the energy of the sun as Arcana, a force like magic that allows her to heal wounds, communicate with animals and demonstrate preternatural speed and agility. But while horseback riding with her brother, she saves him from a bad fall in view of a servant. That is the Read more […]


Lila DiPasqua 2

Lila DiPasqua

Lila DiPasqua is a bestselling author of scorching historical romance novels. Her Fiery Tales series retells Fairy Tales in Charles Perrault’s time, with sensual detail to place and manners of the time. With re-imaginings of the “Emperor’s New Clothes,” “Puss in Boots,” and more, she raises the bar for retellings, by adding detail and heat, as she immerses her readers in the decadent world of Louis XIV. She started reading romance in her teens, devouring “Sweet Savage Love” by Rosemary Rogers, Read more […]

Grace Burrowes’ “Lady Eve’s Indiscretion” 2

Just when you wanted the wit of a solid Regency, with the naughty bits left in, here comes Grace Burrowes’ “Lady Eve’s Indiscretion,” the fourth installment of the Windham Series. Secrets are rife in the Windham family, but Eve feels hers would ruin her and devastate her family. Years ago she gave her virginity to a cad, and after his abuse fled away on horseback only to have a catastrophic fall. Her physical rehabilitation took years to achieve, but her emotional wounds have yet to Read more […]



Lila DiPasqua’s “Undone”

In “Undone,” Angelica runs away from her aristocratic life and her stepfather, Nicolas Fouquet, after a brutal assault and makes her way to a convent, hiding herself in obscurity in Genoa. There she plans a life of quiet reflection until the moonlit night her path crosses that of Simon Boulanger and her simple life is forever changed. Simon, born a lowly commoner, is now the commander of a naval fleet sailing as a privateer for France during war with the Spanish. Wanting to achieve a better station Read more […]

Eloisa James’ “The Ugly Duchess” 3

James Rhyburn, Earl of Islay, is young, handsome, heir to a duchy, and being coerced into a marriage he doesn’t want. It’s not that he doesn’t like Theodora, or Daisy, as he thinks of her. Quite the contrary! He thinks she’s lovely, despite what everyone else says. And she’s one of his best friends. But she’s also more of a sister than a lover. Nonetheless, when he discovers the disaster his father has brewed, he knows that marrying Daisy is the only way to save his family from scandal– not to Read more […]

The Ugly Duchess