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Tara Sivec’s “Shame on Me”

Paige McCarty is a former fashion model turned Private investigator. When her ex, Andy, gambled away her money she left him and joined Fool Me Once Investigations, with her friends Kennedy and Lorelei, determined to help other women going through problems with jerks as well. She left the world of modeling needing to find a career that didn’t just validate her according to how she looked, but what she did. So when finds herself used as man-bait in her P.I. career, she wants to do more. Like when Read more […]


Melinda Leigh’s She Can Hide

She’s not very good at staying hidden Abby Foster is not quite the typical damaged woman, but she does have the standard trust issues. Without giving away important plot twists, she’s been hurt by a few important men in her life and it’s led her to sleeping with lights on and moving to a new town where she can start over completely. She Can Hide isn’t a simple tale about a broken heart that needs to mend. Abby was kidnapped three years earlier and is not remotely over it when this book begins. You Read more […]

Melinda Leigh's She Can Hide

o papusa sau alta

Little Face- unforgetable feelings

I must admit I first bought this book because I liked the cover. I had no idea that I will fall in love with her. Moreover, the fact that I didn’t hear of Sophie Hannah before made the book more interesting for me. Believe me or not, once I opened the book, I couldn’t stop until I had already read almost half of it. I am proud to say I finished the book in less than three days. I can’t stay I’m a fast reader, but there was something about this book that made me so addicted. Alice is a Read more […]

Isaac Asimov’s “A Whiff of death” 3

So I found this little gem at a thrift store. It was an Asimov book I didn’t own and hadn’t read. To be honest, I’d never heard of it. He published it back in 1958, and it wasn’t from any of his series, and it didn’t have robots and had nothing to do with the Foundation. But the prolific Asimov wrote a fair number of mysteries, too, and this is one of them. The protagonist is Louis Brade, an unassuming middle-aged chemist at a university. In his career to date, he’s achieved nothing of note. One Read more […]

Isaac Asimov's "A Whiff of Death"