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M.C. Beaton’s “The Banishment”

“‘There are six of you,’ said Mrs. Kennedy. ‘The six beautiful daughters of Mannerling. Did nobody fall in love with any of you? Or was the love all for the house?'” Impeccable breeding. Fabulous wealth. Beauty. The Mannerling estate. Isabella Beverly has it all, or does she? Bred to be a beautiful adornment in her fabulous home, she fails to take her first Season. In fact, she’s even classified a bore, because despite her accomplishments, her attention is fixated on her ancestral home, Read more […]


The Ugly Duchess

Eloisa James’ “The Ugly Duchess” 3

James Rhyburn, Earl of Islay, is young, handsome, heir to a duchy, and being coerced into a marriage he doesn’t want. It’s not that he doesn’t like Theodora, or Daisy, as he thinks of her. Quite the contrary! He thinks she’s lovely, despite what everyone else says. And she’s one of his best friends. But she’s also more of a sister than a lover. Nonetheless, when he discovers the disaster his father has brewed, he knows that marrying Daisy is the only way to save his family from scandal– not to Read more […]