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Alice Clayton’s “Wallbanger.”

“You smell like tequila and sexual repression, Caroline. Get off me.” Caroline is a self-sufficient, dynamic interior designer, with a fresh new job, brand new apartment, and not an “O” in sight. After a disastrous machine-gun one night stand, her orgasm ran off and left her high and dry. Everything else in the world is coming up roses, if only she could regroup and bring back that sunshine. So adding insult to injury, her neighbor Simon turns out to be a “Wallbanger”, and since the Read more […]



Tara Sivec’s “Shame on Me”

Paige McCarty is a former fashion model turned Private investigator. When her ex, Andy, gambled away her money she left him and joined Fool Me Once Investigations, with her friends Kennedy and Lorelei, determined to help other women going through problems with jerks as well. She left the world of modeling needing to find a career that didn’t just validate her according to how she looked, but what she did. So when finds herself used as man-bait in her P.I. career, she wants to do more. Like when Read more […]

Kylie Scott’s “Play.”

“The man had hooker lips. I shit you not.” Ladies, what’s a hot follow up to a sexy rock star? Another one, of course! Following up on her first Stage Dive Series novel, “Lick,” Kylie SCott has turned the heat and humor on! This time around it’s Stage Dive’s Mal, the delicious bad boy drummer from Kylie Scott’s first book. In “Play” we discover what’s behind that devil-may-care attitude and just how hot he burns! Anne, Evelyn and Lauren’s neighbor has just found herself in hot water. Read more […]


Kylie Scott's Lick

Kylie Scott’s “Lick” 1

“Everything I’d heard about Vegas was true. Bad things happened there, terrible things.” Evelyn Thomas wakes up after a tequila-laden 21st birthday celebration in Vegas next to the most amazing specimen of man she ever recalls seeing. Strange thing is, that although he seems familiar, he’s way out of her league. What’s more, she can’t recall a thing about the night before, or how she got into his room. Or the five-carat diamond she has on her finger, until the gorgeous man informs Read more […]

Tara Sivec’s “Shame on You” 1

“Fool me once, shame on you.” Kennedy O’Brien has one hell of a case on her hands. When she decides to help her father’s bail bond business by tracking bail jumper who won’t return Tinkerdoodle, a prize Chihuahua, the case seems absurdly easy. After all, she runs her own business, Fool Me Once Investigations,with her best friends Lorelei and Paige, and she’s ex-Army. She knows how to shoot a gun and stop bad guys, and all sorts of other dangerous things. She’s even turned her ugly divorce from Read more […]

shame on you

baby proof

Emily Giffin’s “Baby Proof” 1

Just as Claudia Parr, a successful New York publisher, has just about given up on falling in love, she meets the warm, kind, and funny Ben. He’s a talented and successful architect. The two meet on a blind date through mutual friends, and from there they become inseparable. On their first date, Claudia discovers Ben also doesn’t want children. Then the two decide to take the plunge and enjoy a child-free marriage. Then a few years into their marriage one of them has a change of heart. One of Read more […]