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J.T. Geissinger’s “Into Darkness.”

Lumina Bohn has a secret. And it is one that will get her killed. “I’m different. I’m dangerous. I’m almost certainly not human. And if I want to stay alive, no one can know.” She is not human. Of that she is sure, for how else can she explain starting fires with a thought and stripping abilities from others she touches? Life after The Flash is controlled by the Imperial Federation, the power that imposed order on the few remaining outposts of humans. Toxic clouds poison the air and Read more […]


Fly You to the Moon

Jocelyn Han’s “Fly You To the Moon.” 2

Amazing cover. Hot couple, shirtless. Lunar background. I’m all set for a steamy romance in outer space. Bring it “Fly You To the Moon!” It’s 2196 and Ava Windsor arrives on Luna Six, a colony on Earth’s Moon where the Elite, or rich and pampered citizens of post-Apocalyptic Earth, have settled. After tremendous climatic disturbances and devastation of Earth, many Elite emigrated to the moon where they could live without rubbing elbows with the poor servant class. But Ava is different, Read more […]

An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride (M/M) 8

Pasha cannot remember ever being anything but a slave, probably because his current owner wiped his mind on purchase. Still, things aren’t so bad: his reptilian master has more of a taste for his cooking than for sex. Of course, U’shma also has a taste for gambling, which he has Pasha fund by pimping out him out at the local dive bar. Those days are less than pleasant… until the day Pasha spots a man across the bar. He looks like a pirate, complete with eye patch, and from somewhere deep inside, Read more […]

an uncommon whore

Isaac Asimov's "A Whiff of Death"

Isaac Asimov’s “A Whiff of death” 3

So I found this little gem at a thrift store. It was an Asimov book I didn’t own and hadn’t read. To be honest, I’d never heard of it. He published it back in 1958, and it wasn’t from any of his series, and it didn’t have robots and had nothing to do with the Foundation. But the prolific Asimov wrote a fair number of mysteries, too, and this is one of them. The protagonist is Louis Brade, an unassuming middle-aged chemist at a university. In his career to date, he’s achieved nothing of note. One Read more […]