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Alice Clayton’s “Wallbanger.”

“You smell like tequila and sexual repression, Caroline. Get off me.” Caroline is a self-sufficient, dynamic interior designer, with a fresh new job, brand new apartment, and not an “O” in sight. After a disastrous machine-gun one night stand, her orgasm ran off and left her high and dry. Everything else in the world is coming up roses, if only she could regroup and bring back that sunshine. So adding insult to injury, her neighbor Simon turns out to be a “Wallbanger”, and since the Read more […]


Kylie Scott's Lick

Kylie Scott’s “Lick” 1

“Everything I’d heard about Vegas was true. Bad things happened there, terrible things.” Evelyn Thomas wakes up after a tequila-laden 21st birthday celebration in Vegas next to the most amazing specimen of man she ever recalls seeing. Strange thing is, that although he seems familiar, he’s way out of her league. What’s more, she can’t recall a thing about the night before, or how she got into his room. Or the five-carat diamond she has on her finger, until the gorgeous man informs Read more […]

Lorelei James’ “Turn and Burn: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel” 1

The tall, dark hunky cowboy sidling up to Tanna hears all her B.S. to scare off her would-be Romeos, and even the bandage across her forehead doesn’t scare him. He doesn’t believe for a second that she is a recently released prison inmate, or a roller derby player. Or worse. And that, aside from his devastating looks – a delicious mix of Native American and Caucasian – and sultry, sexy attitude make him the best thing to come her way in a long time. Tanna Barker is a three-time World Champion Barrel Read more […]



Lorelei James’ “Long Hard Ride” 2

Channing Kincaid is tired of living a life of expectations set by her rich family. Fleeing her Ivy League education and a life perfectly planned by her parents, including a buttoned-up potential fiancé, she decides to have an adventure. To really live life she runs away with the rodeo. Seeking new sensations she hooks up with Jared, a rider on the Rodeo Circuit, only to find out that he’s been keeping a wife secret all along. Mad as hell, she leaves him with a concussion and heads out on her own. Read more […]