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Kate Alcott’s The Dressmaker 1

From a sinking ship Tess becomes a rising star First off, The Dressmaker isn’t much of a romance novel. I feel like Amazon lied a little bit to me about this book. But I’m glad it did because, once I accepted that the leading men weren’t that big a presence, I really enjoyed the book. Tess is a seamstress in England who is being treated like a lowly servant. One day she just snaps and walks out. There’s a big ship leaving for America and she’s determined to talk her way onto it. Read more […]

The Dressmaker

The Ugly Duchess

Eloisa James’ “The Ugly Duchess” 3

James Rhyburn, Earl of Islay, is young, handsome, heir to a duchy, and being coerced into a marriage he doesn’t want. It’s not that he doesn’t like Theodora, or Daisy, as he thinks of her. Quite the contrary! He thinks she’s lovely, despite what everyone else says. And she’s one of his best friends. But she’s also more of a sister than a lover. Nonetheless, when he discovers the disaster his father has brewed, he knows that marrying Daisy is the only way to save his family from scandal– not to Read more […]