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Travis Luedeke’s “The Nightlife: New York” 1

Aaron is a young waiter, stuck in a rut, dumped by his girlfriend and taken advantage of by his roommate. It seems he has nothing going on in his life other than supplying beer for his buddy’s impromptu parties, until the night he tries to save a beautiful blonde from getting assaulted by two dirty cops. In a second, his life changes: the gunshot mortally wounding him, and the blonde angel transforming his life into the afterlife of a vampire. Once he awakens into his new life, he finds he is Read more […]

Nightlife New York

Melinda Leigh's She Can Hide

Melinda Leigh’s She Can Hide

She’s not very good at staying hidden Abby Foster is not quite the typical damaged woman, but she does have the standard trust issues. Without giving away important plot twists, she’s been hurt by a few important men in her life and it’s led her to sleeping with lights on and moving to a new town where she can start over completely. She Can Hide isn’t a simple tale about a broken heart that needs to mend. Abby was kidnapped three years earlier and is not remotely over it when this book begins. You Read more […]

Catherine Bybee’s “Fiance by Friday” 1

Take a look at that cover. I would never have suspected the story behind that cover involves a crazy stalker that leads to two lovers running off. Or that our leading man would need to dig into his special-ops background to lay a trap and catch the evil killer. When I downloaded this book, I admit I didn’t read the description. I was just looking for a highly rated romance novel in the Kindle Owner’s Library. Fortunately, I love thrillers and mysteries, so this is a great combination for Read more […]

Fiance by Friday