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Charity Bradford’s The Magic Wakes

An Interesting Mix of Genres In “The Magic Wakes,” Charity Bradford takes the reader on a ride using various elements of science fiction and fantasy, which turns out to be a very interesting and rare combination. When you mix dragons and magic with spaceships and futuristic technology — old world versus new world — it’s a leap of imagination. Talia Zaryn, a scientist on her home world, Sendek, has had troubling nightmares for years: an alien invasion that culminates with her death during Read more […]


Eleanor & Park

Rainbow Rowell’s “Eleanor & Park”

Eleanor’s life is dire. Her mother has married a terrible person and the living conditions for her and her siblings are deplorable. Eleanor’s options for getting out of the house are limited, which is how she finds herself on a bus one morning on the way to yet another new school. Park’s life isn’t terrible. But he does his best to avoid the bullies on his bus and anything that would make his half Asian, comic book and punk rock loving self a target. He isn’t always successful. On Read more […]

Candace Knoebel’s “Everlasting”

Faye Middleton is sure she is a Defect. In her Primeval society, that means she has no powers, and when she goes to her Culling ceremony, she will be cast out of the way of life she has known since birth. In her world, she is part of a dual society, the Coven, populated by Hunters( usually male) and Witches (usually female), two parts of a whole who form a life-long bond together. Hunters and Witches need each other to work their magic, their affinity bond usually leading to a closeness that results Read more […]