Writers’ Guidelines – Book Reviews

Aloha! Hi there! Welcome!

We’re delighted that you want to write for LoveAndBooks.com. We look forward to working with you. Since we strive to make our site fun to read and maintain a certain level of quality, we have some standards for book reviews that we accept and publish. If you’d like us to publish your book review, please read and adhere to these guidelines. We will not accept any book reviews that do not meet these criteria.

Also, please be aware that even if your article is awesome and totally meets all these criteria, we can’t publish everything that is submitted (even though we’d love to). We have to pick the ones that best fit our style and current needs. Hopefully, one of those will be yours!


Write in the English or Spanish Language
At this time, we will accept book reviews written in English or Spanish only. We do love and respect other languages, and hope to expand our language base in the future. But right now, our editors are not able to read and evaluate content in any other language with sufficient proficiency to edit it well. In order to maintain our desired level of quality, we won’t publish what we can’t read.


Original Content
Your book review should be should be your own, unique, original work. Please do not submit anything to us that is published elsewhere, or that will be published elsewhere. No plagiarized, copied, or spun content will be accepted. Users who submitting plagiarized or spun content may be banned from using or contributing to the site.


Quality, Relevant Content
We want book reviews that people enjoy reading. We will only accept book reviews that we feel are up to our basic standards of quality. One aspect of quality is relevance. Your book review should be a good fit for our site, and it should be relevant to the purported topic. For example, if you are submitting a review of Ilyana Knight’s “Pretty Death,” please refrain from writing about your SEO software or other irrelevant product. Also, your book review should be relevant to the current needs of our site. For example, if we are looking for reviews for the long-anticipated, recently released, “Gone With the Wind 4: Revenge of the South,” we probably won’t want to accept a review about last year’s romance novel, “My Boring Valentine.”


Use Correct Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation.
OK, we’re not the grammar police here. We don’t mind the occasional “Squeeee!” or colloquialism. But we do reserve the right to reject an article if the grammar, spelling, or punctuation distracts from the content of your book review. This is a site for people who enjoy reading. If reading your book review is more irritating than enjoyable, we’ll have to reject it.


Be Nice
LoveAndBooks.com is a community of nice people who like to read. These people come from all walks of life and all corners of the world. Any submissions with inflammatory, discriminatory, racist, offensive, violence-promoting, or hate-mongering content will not be accepted.


Avoid Lewd, Pornographic, or Profane Content
We’ll admit it: some of the books we like to read and review are chock full of lewdness. Yep. No denying that. That’s why we like ‘em. But that doesn’t mean our book reviews have to go into explicit detail. On the off-chance someone’s kid stumbles across your book review, please avoid using strong language, explicit description, and other racy content. We know this can be a challenge, particularly if you’re reviewing a Jaid Black book or something. But please do your best. We will need to reject any article that’s too raunchy.


Don’t Review Your Own Work
It’s kind of tacky for an author to write a review of his or her own book, so don’t. Not even under a pseudonym. If you have written a book, though, we would love to read and review it, so send us a copy (remember that our review will be honest, and we can’t promise we’ll like it, so only send us your good stuff). We’d also love to have you write your own bio for the site. That’s not tacky, that’s awesome.


No Spun Articles
If you don’t know what an article spinner is, great! You’re the kind of writer we want. On the other hand, if your article looks to us like it was generated by an article spinner or other software, we WILL reject it and may ban you from further use of the site.


No Malicious Code
To protect the website and its users, all book reviews must be submitted for approval via our online submission page. Submissions should include plain text only. Any submissions that contain hidden or suspicious characters, html markup, javascript, malicious code, viruses, worms, or other stuff that tries to do something unexpected to our site will be rejected. Additional corrective actions will also be taken, as described in our terms of use.


If we like your book review, but think it needs some work, we may return it to you for revisions. If you choose, you may resubmit it to us after making revisions. Or, you can publish it elsewhere if you prefer.


What We Need for a Book Review
At this time, all book reviews must be submitted through our online submission page. This is a form that will require you to include all of the following when you submit your book review:

  • An original photo (1MB maximum) of the book, or (even better) of you reading the book.
  • A title for your article.
  • A 100-character Tweetable statement summing up your review.
  • The title of the book
  • The author’s first and last name
  • The book’s ISBN or ASIN from Amazon.com.
  • Whether the book is fiction or non-fiction.
  • The genre of the book.
  • The number of pages.
  • Three (or more) “tags” (words or very short phrases) that describe prominent features about the book (e.g., “ménage,” “French Mustard,” “Hot Air Ballooning”).
  • Your rating of the book in Whatzits (On a scale of 0-5, 5 being Amazing and 0 being Awful.)
  • A Review of the book, 300 words minimum, 1200 words maximum.


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