Robert A. Heinlein’s Podkayne of Mars 5

Podkayne Fries, age 8 1/2 (about 17 Terran years), grew up on Mars and loves every inch of it. It’s the only civilized place to live. In fact, she’s not even sure that old story about humanity being from Earth isn’t more than a fairy tale– that ancient planet is SO inhospitable to humans with its full 1G of gravity. Still, she really wants to see Earth– one would have to if one were going to be a daring and famous captain of a starship, wouldn’t one? When the opportunity arises for her and her Read more [...]

Podkayne of Mars

shame on you

Tara Sivec’s “Shame on You”

“Fool me once, shame on you.” Kennedy O’Brien has one hell of a case on her hands. When she decides to help her father’s bail bond business by tracking bail jumper who won’t return Tinkerdoodle, a prize Chihuahua, the case seems absurdly easy. After all, she runs her own business, Fool Me Once Investigations,with her best friends Lorelei and Paige, and she’s ex-Army. She knows how to shoot a gun and stop bad guys, and all sorts of other dangerous things. She’s even turned her ugly divorce from Read more [...]

Melinda Leigh’s She Can Hide

She’s not very good at staying hidden Abby Foster is not quite the typical damaged woman, but she does have the standard trust issues. Without giving away important plot twists, she’s been hurt by a few important men in her life and it’s led her to sleeping with lights on and moving to a new town where she can start over completely. She Can Hide isn’t a simple tale about a broken heart that needs to mend. Abby was kidnapped three years earlier and is not remotely over it when this book begins. You Read more [...]

Melinda Leigh's She Can Hide

The Dressmaker

Kate Alcott’s The Dressmaker 1

From a sinking ship Tess becomes a rising star First off, The Dressmaker isn’t much of a romance novel. I feel like Amazon lied a little bit to me about this book. But I’m glad it did because, once I accepted that the leading men weren’t that big a presence, I really enjoyed the book. Tess is a seamstress in England who is being treated like a lowly servant. One day she just snaps and walks out. There’s a big ship leaving for America and she’s determined to talk her way onto it. Read more [...]

Emily Giffin’s “Baby Proof” 1

Just as Claudia Parr, a successful New York publisher, has just about given up on falling in love, she meets the warm, kind, and funny Ben. He’s a talented and successful architect. The two meet on a blind date through mutual friends, and from there they become inseparable. On their first date, Claudia discovers Ben also doesn’t want children. Then the two decide to take the plunge and enjoy a child-free marriage. Then a few years into their marriage one of them has a change of heart. One of Read more [...]

baby proof

city of thieves

David Benioff’s “City of Thieves”

David Benioff’s City of Thieves is a coming-of-age story set in Leningrad during World War II. It’s a story of two unlikely guys paired together to accomplish an almost impossible task: secure a dozen eggs for a powerful Soviet colonel to use in his daughter’s wedding cake. Lev is arrested for looting while Kolya is condemned for being a deserter. The colonel gives them a chance to redeem themselves—if they fail their mission to acquire the eggs they are likely to be executed. The first Read more [...]

Lorelei James’ “Turn and Burn: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel”

The tall, dark hunky cowboy sidling up to Tanna hears all her B.S. to scare off her would-be Romeos, and even the bandage across her forehead doesn’t scare him. He doesn’t believe for a second that she is a recently released prison inmate, or a roller derby player. Or worse. And that, aside from his devastating looks – a delicious mix of Native American and Caucasian – and sultry, sexy attitude make him the best thing to come her way in a long time. Tanna Barker is a three-time World Champion Barrel Read more [...]


Fiance by Friday

Catherine Bybee’s “Fiance by Friday” 1

 Take a look at that cover. I would never have suspected the story behind that cover involves a crazy stalker that leads to two lovers running off. Or that our leading man would need to dig into his special-ops background to lay a trap and catch the evil killer. When I downloaded this book, I admit I didn’t read the description. I was just looking for a highly rated romance novel in the Kindle Owner’s Library. Fortunately, I love thrillers and mysteries, so this is a great combination Read more [...]

An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride (M/M) 4

Pasha cannot remember ever being anything but a slave, probably because his current owner wiped his mind on purchase. Still, things aren’t so bad: his reptilian master has more of a taste for his cooking than for sex. Of course, U’shma also has a taste for gambling, which he has Pasha fund by pimping out him out at the local dive bar. Those days are less than pleasant… until the day Pasha spots a man across the bar. He looks like a pirate, complete with eye patch, and from somewhere deep inside, Read more [...]

an uncommon whore

o papusa sau alta

Little Face- unforgetable feelings

I must admit I first bought this book because I liked the cover. I had no idea that I will fall in love with her. Moreover, the fact that I didn’t hear of Sophie Hannah before made the book more interesting for me. Believe me or not, once I opened the book, I couldn’t stop until I had already read almost half of it. I am proud to say I finished the book in less than three days. I can’t stay I’m a fast reader, but there was something about this book that made me so addicted. Alice is a Read more [...]